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Constellation 1212.10
Watch review by : Robert Jan Broer

Serial no : 55791868
Date of purchase: 7th of July 1998
Price : 3999,95 Dutch Guilders

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Watch review


It is a Quartz movement, cal.1532 (a rhodium plated version), based on the ETA 255.111 calibre (Flatline III). But remember, Omega has modified it. I have had no trouble with the movement.. about 1 sec. in three months, I always adjust it with the help of a radio-controlled-clock I have.
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Case, crystal and crown

Very nice case, good quality (hardly no scratches and I wear it quite often). The saffier-glas is perfect. The only thing is, with the claws, that when you wear a wool-sweater some little hairs can stick under it. I like the look of the new Constellations very much. Almost as nice as the old pie-pans. The crown is gold, and has ofcourse the Omega logo in it. It is not too big, but just in the right proportions. The back has a Constellation logo and the 8 digit serial no. Which is quite handy, cause the old ones you had to open up. Shame is, though, that the Constellation logo isn't gold anymore like the pie-pans had.
Check out http://www.ubr.com/clocks/faq/iiii.html for details on the IIII instead of IV!

Dials and hands

Great! I have the 1212.10 watch, so the Image (which has also no seconds) is not right. The 1212.10 has a gilt colored dial and has a little motive in it. The golden hands (hours, minutes, seconds), date-screen, Omega logo and Constellation star are very nice and bright. I also like the fact that the new Constellations (like mine) has the golden bars again on the dial. Also check out the dial at night (first hold it for a lamp or in the sun), nicely done!


What's to rate? 1 sec. in three months.


It is a gold-steel bracelet. Very nice and dressy. It is a bracelet that fits to the watch, so you can't use leather or something instead. So when you buy this watch, you have to like it. ;-) You can't adjust it yourself, you have to go to the Omega dealer. The buckle is a safety-buckle and has a nice gold logo in it.

Manual and packaging

A white box, with the serial no on it, inside the box a sort of red leather wallet with guarantee card and a booklet with offical dealers worldwide(what do they think? that you have this with you all the time?). Next to the wallet is a big red leather box with a gold-colored Omega logo on it. Open it and it is filled with a white velvet and there it is.. the watch. The box looks great. It is of a fine quality and is so nice, you just want to put it on a shelf in the living room.There are no colorfull illustrations in the booklet though, and it would be nice if you would get some background info with it.


It is a comfortable watch, no big bulky thing that looks like a pregnant wrist under your shirt. No sharp edges of the bracelet (like the old ones)that can rip your shirt. The weight is perfect, not too light (so that you'll constantly look if it is still there) and not too heavy so that is in your way all the time.


I like the style of the watch, but for the money, you'll probably find other great watches with mechanical works. Go for the watch you like. Not for the watch that is a 1000 dollars, mechanic and ugly!