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Abbrevations for watch case materials Strap/bezel material type Mechanism type Supplemental function type
BA : Yellow gold 1 : Leather strap (men's) / bracelet (men's) 0: Manual winding chronograph 5: No date
BC : White gold 2 : Leather strap/diamond decorated bezel (men's) 4: Manual winding chronograph 6 : Date
BG : Pink gold 3 : Bracelet (men's) 6: Self winding chronograph 8: Chronometer
BT : Platinum 4 : Bracelet/diamond decorated bezel (men's) 7: Non-chronograph
DA : Yellow gold combination 5 : Leather strap (ladies') 8: Quartz or tuning fork chronograph
DG : Pink gold combination 6 : Leather strap/diamond decorated bezel (ladies')
DD : Gold combination
DL : Gold combination
MD : Gold plated
ST : Stainless steel
TA : Titanium and yellow gold combination
TI : Titanium
TL : Titanium and pink gold combination
So, for example, my own Speedmaster Professional has reference number 145.012-67ST which stands for :
Leatherstrapped/bracelet, Manual winding chronograph, No date. The 012 stands for the pre-1968 model (Thus with cal.321 and metal applied logo). ST stands for stainless steel case material.